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I Help consultants and business Owners to 10X their iMPACT by using proven creative thinking techniques

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Do you recognise any of this?

  • Brainstorms are not working and ineffective
  • It seems like the collaboration in my team is broken 
  • I have a fantastic team of professionals but the results are lacking

I can help YOU and your team to have more Impact and to stay ahead of the competition.

What others say about working with me....

 I thoroughly enjoyed the experience due to his professionalism and creative mind. I can recommend Ton to anybody who wants to add some structure into their minds.

Richard Dobbe

Product Owner

 I have worked with Ton Meeuwissen as fellow live mind mapper and visual facilitator on multiple events, sessions and congresses. He is really capable of applying his knowledge and experience on visual facilitation on situations to gather more insights out of a group and visualize a group process. 

Alexis van Dam

Lecturer Marketing Management & Sales 🎙️Podcast host | Coaching professionals in Marketing, Branding & Productivity

Ton is a very open, communicative and capable person. His analytic and mindmapping skills are top of the bill. He has a very broad and deep knowledge of ICT and business related issues. If you need effective support during complex organisational changes, he is your man.

Bas Kooter

Owner of IXXY consultancy

In his approach a wide range of tools and skills for out of the box sessions (for example Design Thinking) for product and service development, more awareness on specific topics, workshops to create more efficiency in information and process usage or training on specific skills.

Ton is a professional in information, innovation and communication.

Peter Manders

Manager and Coach